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Smaller call centers

I manage a small inbound call center - under 25 agents. We take orders as well as upsell various general merchandise products (electronics, jewelry, coins). I know industry averages as far as average handle time, abandonment rate, call to order, etc. My challenge is that my call center is much smaller that the "industry average" and would like help calculating these avaerage metrics for call centers my size.
There are a number of resources for benchmarking and best practices, or industry averages. However, they do not generally categorize by size of center, but rather by vertical market. Most metrics should be independent of size, and depend more on the types of contacts you're handling. The metrics most affected by size are things like utilization or occupancy, as smaller groups are less efficient. Your best bet is to find some averages for your industry, and understand that some adjustments may be required based on your size. And keep in mind that your key performance indicators and targets should be driven by many factors such as your business strategy and goals, customers, budget, etc. Industry averages are one interesting input but shouldn't drive your targets or your assessment of your center.

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