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Six questions to help build customer loyalty

Want to increase customer loyalty? Start by answering these 6 questions...

Are there any basic guidelines for increasing customer loyalty?

It's always been mind boggling to me how many enterprises embark on CRM initiatives with no plans to gather any meaningful feedback or input from their customers.

Remember, CRM is all about getting, keeping and growing customers. So, the best source of insight into what should be done to become more effective at this is your customers.

Start building customer loyalty right now by talking with your customers and exploring the answers to the following six questions:

  1. What are the expectations of our customers and what it will take to exceed them?
  2. What differentiates our company in the eyes of our customers?
  3. To what extent can we grow our business with our existing customers?
  4. How do our interactions with our customers affect their satisfaction and buying behavior?
  5. Do we have any customer segments that require different treatment? and
  6. How loyal is our customer base and how can we improve it?

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