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Siebel difficult to configure?

How do we qualify the statement that Siebel is difficult to configure? Is there any truth to it?
So, you've heard that Siebel is "hard to configure" and you wonder if this is true. Well, it's a little like asking if building a bridge is hard to do. It's not if the bridge is simply an old branch that spans a small stream. Yet, it's very difficult if the bridge is the Golden Gate. You see, in this example, Siebel compares to the Golden Gate Bridge -- it provides a solid infrastructure for large companies to build their customer information infrastructure around. So, yes, in comparison, it may seem difficult to configure. But it's entirely related to size of the business problem that it's meant to address. So, you should ask, "do I need a system as powerful and feature rich as Siebel, or a lower tier application that can be implemented more quickly, but lacks the robust functionality and scalability of Siebel." Make no mistake, I'm not a Siebel evangelist. Rather, I would rather have you look at your business requirements and size the potential solution against Siebel's (or Onyx's, or Saratoga's, or Goldmine's...) capabilities.

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