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Searching for a list of CRM solutions for small companies

Is there a list of CRM (sales automation) software for small companies that I can demo and check out?

We are a small foundation, and we need to track 400 names and have volunteers call people out from their homes. We would like to keep the data on the web for data access.

The cost should be around $10/person and easy to use. The software should have ability to set up user define fields and generate custom reports.

I'm not aware of a list of CRM solutions specifically for small companies.

With that said, there are a couple of web-based CRM solution resources that might be worth a look.

The first two resources are available from CRM Mastery's web site. The first is available from the CRM Resources page; it's the CRM Software Evaluation Center. Once you get to the evaluation center page you can then access the CRM Vendor Showcase.

The CRM Software Evaluation Center has an offer where you can use the service for a couple of hours for free. The CRM Vendor Showcase is a free service where you can review information about many different CRM solutions.

Knowledgestorm also offers a free service that is similar, it's called the CRM Vendor Showcase.

Getting back to your specific situation, I would recommend that you take a look at the following hosted/on-demand solutions. Some may be out of your price range, but they may offer special pricing for non-profit organizations:

  • AbsoluteBusy
  • Coravue
  • CentraView
  • Free CRM
  • HydraNet CRM-gx
  • Salesboom
  • SalesCenter
  • SalesJunction
  • SalesPro CRM
  • SiliconLink
  • Soffront

And last -- but certainly not least -- the industry-leading on-demand CRM solution, salesforce.com.

I found this press release on the salesforce.com web site; Salesforce.com foundation Extends Enterprise CRM Success to Nonprofit Organizations, which noted:

Over 100 non-profit organizations worldwide, including Easter Seals and Habitat for Humanity San Francisco, use donated salesforce.com online CRM solution to achieve success on par with corporate counterparts.

Through the salesforce.com/foundation, salesforce.com has created a program to educate organizations on the benefits of online CRM for the nonprofit sector. These organizations, who often cannot afford prohibitively expensive conventional enterprise software licenses, can take advantage of salesforce.com's quick, cost-effective and easy-to-use online solution and focus their energies on forward-moving, high-impact programs in the face of relatively few resources, little time, high turnover and unexpected program development modifications. Additionally, salesforce.com offers its award winning application to the first 10 licenses of qualified nonprofits and NGOs at no cost for an unlimited amount of time.

Nonprofits eligible for free service must be registered as a 501c3 organization (in the U.S.) or as an NGO (outside of the U.S.) and have charitable purpose.

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