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SaaS CRM implementation best practices

Implementing SaaS CRM comes with its share of challenges. Expert Bill Band discusses a few best practices organizations can utilize in this tip.

What are some best practices for implementing Oracle CRM On Demand? We have some concerns about data security, integration and configuration and want to make sure we are going about this the right way.
I just published an in-depth study on CRM Software as a Service (SaaS) best practices called, Best Practices: The Smart Way To Implement CRM SaaS Solutions. It summarizes over 20 best practices, nearly 30 pitfalls to avoid, and includes three in-depth case studies.

Here is the summary of SaaS CRM implementation best practices.


Best practice strategies Best practice tactics
Build the right business case.
  • Dig deep to understand total costs.
  • Weigh the benefits.
  • Understand how flexibility is increased or diminished.
  • Spotlight risks.
Negotiate the right contract.
  • Strive for a price lock-in at renewal time.
  • Clarify the impacts of scaling users up or down.
  • Understand the fees for getting your data back at the end of the contract.
  • Protect yourself from being abandoned by the vendor.
Follow the right implementation approach.
  • Define your objectives.
  • Build a team.
  • Define the timeline.
  • Define the scope and prioritize initiatives.
  • Configure the solution for user relevance.
Adopt the right data security procedures.
  • Require data protection guarantees and compliance with industry standards.
  • Clearly define role and access rights.
  • Define vendor data integration, conversion and exit blueprints.
Establish the right support structure.
  • Decide how SaaS will be managed in your organization.
  • Designate support staff.
  • Provide help desk and training support.
  • Establish data backup procedures.
  • Understand upgrade schedules and procedures.
  • Tune the solution on a regular basis.

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