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SAP's on-demand CRM vs. Salesforce.com

How does SAP's on-demand CRM stack up to Salesforce.com? Learn the answer in this expert tip from Alan Winters.

Is SAP really a suitable choice for an on-demand CRM solution? How does their solution compare to Salesforce.com? Will they give Salesforce.com a run for its money?
SAP launched its on-demand CRM product in February of this year. SAP describes its on-demand CRM offering as a hybrid system with an "isolated tenancy" model. It is also touted as a high-availability option with lower security risks than typical on-premise implementations, providing greater flexibility, speed of deployment and efficiency.

In my opinion, SAP's on-demand product is here to stay and they will give all on-demand CRM solution providers "a run for their money."

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