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SAP's marketing on-demand features vs. Oracle's marketing automation software

SearchCRM.com's expert discusses SAP's new marketing on-demand features and provides a handy table comparing SAP's and Oracle's marketing on-demand solutions.

I heard that SAP added new features to their marketing on-demand software earlier this year. According to SAP, the extension will help with campaign management, customer segmentation, lead management, and role maintenance and owner realignment. How does SAP's new offering stack up against marketing automation software from Oracle?
Yes, SAP enhanced its marketing on-demand solution. Below you'll find a table comparing Oracle and SAP marketing on-demand solutions. Oracle provides integration with palm sync and offline access, features which become handy for field marketing users. The offline access and palm sync are yet to come in SAP on-demand marketing solutions. SAP is offering blended solutions which allow a seamless transition from on-demand to on-premise software, since the underlying architecture is the same.

The whole product selection matrix changes if any Oracle or SAP ERP solutions are currently installed. Going with...

Oracle on-demand makes sense if a company is running Oracle applications and SAP on-demand makes sense if a company is running the SAP ERP application.

This move is obviously important to use the seamless integration provided to the back-end systems by Oracle or SAP.

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