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SAP CRM upgrades: How a consultant can help

SAP CRM expert Srini Katta offers advice on the role of a consultant during an SAP CRM upgrade.

Do you recommend hiring a consultant during an SAP CRM upgrade? What should a consultant's role include?
It pays to use an SAP CRM consultant who has upgrade experience. An experienced SAP CRM consultant can:

1. Help review functionality in your current system, and the proposed new functionality and functional enhancements in the upgrade release.

2. Demo new functionality and advise the team to upgrade to new functionality or retain the functionality in the older version, depending on your business processes.

3. Provide information on the impact of the upgrade as well as risk analysis and mitigation measures.

4. Define the upgrade path for the enhancements (to retain or throw out) that are in the earlier version, after validating the business value of those enhancements after the upgrade.

5. Provide a list of pre-upgrade steps and guidelines.

6. Assist the implementation team in issue resolution during the upgrade and brings the upgrade experience to the table for quick resolution of upgrade issues.

7. Help the team by providing a functional upgrade path after a successful technical upgrade.

8. Define the end-user training for the new and enhanced functionality in the upgraded version of the SAP CRM system.

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