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Reward system for users of free service

We are operating a Web site (B2B), where on one side we provide information and services to the industry professionals. Industry professional ("User") requests information or uses our service "Ask an expert" and his question represents a very good business lead to our "Producer" audience.

At the moment, I am trying to establish a reward system for our users. The problem is, that our services are completely free of charge for the moment, so I can't offer discounts as a countervalue of the use of service. I can't use "frequent use" program, because I want to generate real business leads for our producers. Are there any other reward programs that would work in this situation?
You'd have to first determine what your prospects consider of value. Since your 'product' is information, the reward might be built around limited-edition availability of the kind of material your clients request from you. Provision of this information could be tiered based on prospect activity within your site, and their desirability to you and the producers.

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