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Results of customer engagement survey of emotionally satisfied customers

Expert Lior Arussy discusses the impact of a customer's emotional engagement with a company, citing a customer engagement survey of emotionally satisfied customers.

Has there been any research done on how respect (whether or not a customer feels they are treated with respect) and integrity (the customer's perception of a company's integrity) impact customer satisfaction and the customer experience? How do these factors compare with other factors that impact a customer's perception of a company?
You are referring to a customer's emotional engagement and satisfaction. There are multiple studies I have seen about the emotional engagement of a customer and its impact on a business. The best study I have seen is one published by the Gallup Group that compares the purchasing/spending patterns of credit card customers. Gallup found that unsatisfied customers and rationally satisfied customer spend the same amount of money. However, emotionally satisfied customers doubled their spending with the bank.

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