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Recommended reading for BI

What texts, websites etc. would you recommend for a small business just getting started with BI?
1. I have a library of books on data warehousing, but the ones that stand out are the two DW bibles (call them the old and new testament!): Building the Data Warehouse (Inmon) and The Data Warehouse Toolkit (Kimball). Inmon gives a great holistic introductory treatment, and Kimball is the master of multidimensional design. Other texts by Hammergren and Debevoise are very, er, robust if you're up for digesting that. Quite surprisingly, the Data Warehouse for Dummies book is really informative (not to mention entertaining) and deals with something that **none** of the other two-dozen books I have do: user acceptance testing!

2. For keeping up with technology for enterprise analytics, two magazines are tops: Intelligent Enterprise and Data Management Review. Both are accessible and searchable via the Web: www.intelligententerprise.com, www.dmreview.com.

3. Complete project methodologies are available from companies like Ascential Software, Core Integration Partners, DataSpace,and others. Be wary of those that assume you're using a particular set of tools.

4. Larry Greenfield makes a valiant attempt to keep up to date his Data Warehouse Information Center website with great articles and vendor/consultant listings (www.dwinfocenter.org). There are other websites like his too. Also, see www.TDAN.com.

5. The Data Warehouse Institute is the leading educational institution with courses taught by industry experts. DCI also has some seminars.

6. There are several listservers (mail lists) and newsgroups dedicated to DW/BI issues. The comp.databases.olap newsgroup and the DWlist listserver have great participation. You can drop in a question and receive many responses.

7. Of course, there's nothing like scheduling a teleconference with an industry analyst who can quickly zoom in on your particular issues and situation to make qualified recommendations, saving lots of time, money and headache!


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