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Recommended data collection tools for call centers

I have a constellation of eight rather small (less than 60 agent total) call centers. As we are health care insurers, we are audited for specific performance metrics. New metrics have been added for 2004.

I have discovered that the basic call center management software that we use does not provide the information we...

need. Can you recommend a data collection tool that will collect call center transaction records for each call from an AVAYA Definity switch? The information I need is:

  • Split ID
  • The time it takes until answer
  • Length of call
  • Abandoned? Y/N
  • Time to Abandonment
  • You should look at Avaya's CMS and the call records report. It will not be a trivial investment to add CMS (I'm assuming by your description that you have BCMS today) to eight sites if they each have their own switch. It may be a good time to look at the newer architectures that would allow you to put the eight sites off of one or two hubs, and therefore need only one or two CMS systems.

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