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Quote generation software that integrates with Microsoft CRM

: Learn about two quote generation software vendors that provide complex quote generation and product configuration functionality and work well with Microsoft CRM.

Do you know of any complex quote generation tools that can share information with Microsoft CRM?
Complex product configuration and quote generation requirements may lead you to evaluate a third-party independent software vendor (ISV) product that provides functionality above and beyond the Product Catalog and Quote Generation via Word Merge that Microsoft CRM provides out of the box. There are two vendors that you may want to consider: Cincom Acquire and Experlogix. Both products provide advanced product configuration, quote generation and guided selling functionality. The specific capabilities within each solution are slightly different, so it is important to evaluate both solutions before selecting the one that best fits your organization's needs.

Beyond the fit with your configuration and quoting requirements, there are several additional factors to consider when you evaluate these solutions. First, you want to determine if the solution will integrate with your existing ERP system. Frequently, products and product configuration rules originate in the organization's ERP system. You will save yourself a lot of time and effort if the product configurator solution that you choose integrates directly into your ERP system in order to load existing products.

Second, examine the solution's administrative user interface and capabilities. Once you have loaded your products into your product configurator, you will need to define the relationships between various products and parts in your product catalog. The ease of defining and maintaining these product relationships will determine both your initial implementation and your ongoing maintenance costs. If the solution can identify relationships in your existing product data and point out inconsistencies, that is definitely a feature you would want to consider.

Finally, consider the how well the solution fits into Microsoft CRM's architecture. Solutions that leverage the Microsoft CRM Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate with Microsoft CRM will be much easier to implement and maintain, and make for seamless upgrades when a new version of Microsoft CRM is released. A good litmus test for the architecture of any ISV solution, even if you have an on-premise deployment, is its ability to integrate with the Dynamics CRM Online.

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