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Questions on Internet marketing programs

Why is it all the more important now that marketers concentrate on building stronger relationship marketing strategies, and how should it be integrated within a well-planned CRM structure? So, as an outcome, what should be the best business model for a company's internet marketing program? If the answer is supported with some real life examples, that would be very helpful. Thank you
Firstly, it has always been important for marketeers to build strong relationships. The imperatives and driving forces now are:

a) optional channels - the marketeer must ensure that customers and prospects provide access via many more channels - and co-ordinate these accordingly

b) the changes the Internet brings to the sales channel, and use of agents and distributors. Many firms can reassess their use of these, to incorporate the Internet and other 'e' routes

c)The availability of knowledge. in the past, a seller could identify interest of a buyer because they asked for information. Now, that information sellers must readily provide, without necessarily getting the details of the potential buyer.

Hope this helps

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