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Quality monitoring in the call center: What to measure

Expert Donna Fluss gives advice on what to focus on when conducting a quality monitoring review in the call center.

From a quality monitoring standpoint, what are the top three things we should be measuring?

Quality monitoring (QM) provides the call center with a wide range of information and insights and, if done properly, yields a wealth of benefits for the enterprise and its customers. When conducting a QM review in the call center, the top three categories that are critical to capture and measure are:

Adherence to policy and procedure: This measures how well agents adhere to internal policies and procedures when handling phone, email and chat/collaboration interactions or processing transactions. This category should also reflect how well agents manage all regulatory compliance disclosures.

Customer satisfaction: Gauges customer reactions to processes and policies and identifies service barriers or limitations that create customer dissatisfaction. This category includes an assessment of the agent's communication skills and professionalism. First call resolution (FCR) is another relevant factor in measuring customer satisfaction.

Trends and opportunities: Identifies, measures and tracks trends identified in the QM process to address training needs, areas for business process optimization, customer insights about product and services, missed sales, and retention or other revenue-generating opportunities.

For additional information on QM, please read DMG Consulting's Quality Monitoring Best Practices Drive Contact Center Success.

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