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Quality management as a call center industry standard

Quality management is becoming more common in the call center, yet some industries handle monitoring differently, and some industries are more restrictive in monitoring than others. Read advice from call center management expert Donna Fluss in this tip.

Our call center does outsourcing work on behalf of many financial institutions. We are pressed to perform liability monitoring for quality management purposes, i.e., record all calls and retain for X number of days (typically 30). Is this becoming an industry standard? If so, in what area or type of call is this most prevalent?
There are a variety of regulations that drive enterprises, including financial services companies, to record 100% of call center calls for quality management purposes. Some financial services companies are retaining these recordings for five to seven years -- the calls are maintained online for approximately three months and are archived thereafter. (There are also some financial services organizations moving away from recording, as they'd prefer not to have proof of their mistakes.)

With regard to call types, U.S. regulations are requiring companies to record calls that involve any form of sales, including inbound/outbound and any form of an up-sell or cross-sell. Since customer service is increasingly engaged in up-selling and cross-selling, many companies (particularly in financial services) are recording 100% of their service and sales calls. Additionally, there are very compelling reasons to record collections, fraud and credit calls.

Outside of North America, particularly in Europe, there are a myriad of regulations regarding call recording. Some countries require enterprises to record certain types of calls. In other countries, recording is highly restricted.

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