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Pursuing a career in CRM consulting

I am very intersted in the CRM field and I would like to pursue a career in CRM consulting. Although I have a MBA and business process background, I don't have much technical experience with CRM packages, I am considering a Siebel Certified Business Analyst course/test. Is that the best way to get a foot in the door?

Being Siebel certified, and to a slightly lesser extent certified by other major vendors such as PeopleSoft or SAP, gives you a little bit of an edge over other new candidates for the CRM world. But the market is very poor right now and experience is what is selling to those who are hiring for the most part. Even with current versions such as Siebel 7.0 and PeopleSoft CRM 8.0, there is no terrible shortage of qualified people out there. I don't mean to be discouraging, because CRM is a wonderful field to get into and something to grow with if you enter in the right areas. The CRM services market is projected to grow by IDC and Forrester about 18.9% compounded annually beginning this year but that surge has yet to be seen.

The certification process is costly and if the market picks up, which is probable, will become an asset and an edge. However, that is not something that you can exactly put your finger on.

All that said, I'm aware of hiring going on with several of the larger systems integrators in their CRM practices. Whether they are hiring rookies, I don't know.

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