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Public Switched Telephone Network

What are the main distinctions between public switching technique and virtual trunking technique in communication?
Your question is not totally clear, but let me at least provide a distinction between the "PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network" and "VPN - Virtual Private Network" in case that is what you're referring to. The PSTN is the network we all use for voice calls, whether to our friends and family, or to call centers. The PSTN handles toll and toll-free calls, and generally (historically) uses circuit-switching. A VPN is really a data network that is managed to meet service commitments, and uses the public network. It leverages bandwidth on public network facilities to provide connectivity between defined sites. It provides guaranteed bandwidth and associated management of that bandwidth to meet performance goals, and is cheaper than having private lines. Thus, it gives you the capabilities of a private network without having to secure such facilities exclusively for your needs. With the advent of Voice over IP, voice communications can be sent over a VPN. There have been similar services (private network services over public network facilities) for voice communications over the TDM network for many years. If you need further clarification, email us at editor@searchCRM.com.

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