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Pricing outsourced contact centers

I am looking to find the average monthly service fee to outsource an Internet game application to U.S. based telephone contact centers. How are the fees typically structured..Per call, time of call, etc.? Do you have any particular sites that provide pricing guidance in this area for companies looking to completely outsource this side of their customer service? Lastly, have you come across any particular contact centers that offer solid service and reasonable pricing?
First, know that prices range considerably for this type of work based on the type of skill required, volume and fluctuation of work, and desired performance targets (i.e. average answer time, abandonment rate, customer satisfaction).

That said, this type of support work can be priced on a per-seat, per call or per minute basis. For a very ballpark range, pricing should be in the price per seat range of $28 to $40 an hour for average, level one gaming support. Naturally, the higher the technical skill level required, the higher the cost. Some high level network and ISP support services can cost up to $75 per hour.

There are two primary types of companies that do this work. The first are large outsourcers who scale easily and have good per hour pricing but tend to be inflexible and generally don't bid on volumes less than 100 seats. The second are smaller, custom shops that provide a very customized high touch approach but may be slightly higher on price per hour due to the low volumes.

While I cannot recommend a specific company, here is a list of several companies that offer the type of service you are looking for:

Precision Response Corp.
West Teleservices

Since there may be others I'm not aware of, it may be worth your while to consider hiring a consultant to work with you.

For more information, check out searchCRM's Best Web Links on Call Centers/Customer Interaction Centers and Outsourcing Options/ASPs.

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