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Preparing for help desk consolidation: What metrics should we use?

Expert Lori Bocklund explains how to prepare for help desk consolidation using key call center metrics.

Our multiple-location help desks are consolidating into three primary locations. We are also moving to a web-based ticket reporting function for Tier 1 work. As we reduce personnel, is there a metric which will provide an accurate assessment of our ROI and average handle time (AHT) for this new structure?
Prior to your call center consolidation, you can certainly baseline metrics like overall costs, cost per contact, AHT and staff reduction, and then look at those same metrics in your new environment. Make sure to use common definitions and ensure clarity on which factors have changed so you can attribute results properly. For example, if as a result of the call center consolidation you are bringing in lots of new people in your new locations and losing a lot of experienced staff in your previous locations, you may have handle times (and therefore costs) increase for a while. It's often good to let things settle down a bit (e.g., a few months) after a change before trying to assess the impact on key metrics.

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