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Predicting call volume for the call center

If you're cutting hours of operation and want to understand where the call volume will go, read this expert tip from Lori Bocklund.

We are cutting hours of operation and want to understand where the call volume will go. For example, we are currently open from 8am to 12am EST, and if we cut back to 8am to 10pm EST, where would the calls that normally come in between 10pm -12am occur? Do they start to come in earlier, prior to the 10pm close? Or do they flow over to the next day? Approximately 10% of the volume comes in from 10p-12a. The majority of that is from the East Coast, with approximately 25% from West Coast.

Does anyone have any experience or studies that indicate where this traffic will go?
I've not seen any studies on where the volume will go based on shortening hours. I think your best bet is to do it with some good flexibility in staffing initially, and I bet you will see a new pattern settle in fairly quickly that will then allow you to staff appropriately.


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