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PeopleSoft training a concern following Oracle's acquisition

Oracle is dedicated to the support of PeopleSoft products, says William Band in this expert tip.

How long can we expect Oracle to offer training on PeopleSoft products? Our organization has been very happy with PeopleSoft and would like to continue to train new employees on it, but we're afraid that Oracle is phasing out PeopleSoft so that at some point we'll be unable to use their training and we'll have to switch over.
In April 2006 Oracle announced its "unlimited support" policy for PeopleSoft products. Oracle has also recently announced an internal reorganization creating a dedicated PeopleSoft organization within the company. The purpose of that group is to help customers protect and extend their investment in PeopleSoft products. Also, PeopleSoft CRM 9.0 will soon be released with significant new functionality.

Bottom line: You should expect to get continued support for your PeopleSoft product. It is in Oracle's best interest to keep the PeopleSoft customer base happy so they can continue to benefit from the recurring maintenance and services revenues from those customers.

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