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Oracle acquisition predictions, Siebel support for 2007

Oracle may make further acquisitions in the CRM space, says William Band in this expert tip.

What are your 2007 predictions for Siebel and Oracle? Do you see more acquisitions on the horizon?
Oracle may make further selective acquisitions in the CRM space, but no more blockbuster deals.

Oracle is intent on sustaining Siebel's historical leadership position in the CRM market. Along with Oracle's Siebel CRM, for enterprise customers, the product family includes Oracle's Siebel OnDemand, and Oracle's Siebel Professional CRM for the midmarket. Oracle's strategy for Siebel has become clear -- to promote the product and brand as the most fully-featured solution, with a breadth and depth of functionality for many industry verticals. Siebel will announce an important new release, Siebel 8.0, in early 2007.

Oracle will also continue to support two other important CRM customer franchises. Oracle's eBusiness Suite (EBS) will be promoted as a comprehensive enterprise application suite, which includes a broad range of CRM capabilities. Oracle is investing heavily in a next generation product strategy, Fusion Applications, to fully modernize its technology architecture. Oracle EBS customers will be attracted to the benefits of ease of integration of EBS CRM with the rest of the Oracle EBS suite.

Oracle's PeopleSoft CRM product line has a significant base of loyal customers who value the integration benefits and usability of the PeopleSoft's HR and ERP suite. Oracle's Applications Unlimited announcement gives those customers much needed assurance of continued ongoing support. The recent introduction of Peoplesoft CRM 9.0 is one of the brand's most significant new releases in a number of years.

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