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Oracle CRM On Demand: Improvements and Web 2.0 functionality

Learn about the new usability, productivity and social networking features in Oracle CRM On Demand.

What are some of the new features in Oracle CRM On Demand? How does it make use of Web 2.0 functionality?
In an effort to overtake Salesforce.com, Oracle has updated its Oracle CRM On Demand solution to improve salesperson usability and productivity, and add social networking features. The intent is to make the application more social and collaborative so content from the Internet and intranet can be pushed into the application and to the users.

In the past, Siebel software users (Oracle CRM On Demand was formerly named Siebel On Demand CRM) complained they had to enter large amounts of data into the program, which discouraged them from using it. The new version does a better job of splitting up those tasks, so that each worker only enters data relevant to his or her own job. Oracle has reduced the click count by as much as 80% in some cases, switching from a list-based approach to a task-based approach. Oracle says the focus of the new release is on the personal productivity of the user, not the organization as a whole.

The release also features what Oracle calls "social CRM" enhancements. The social networking features alert workers when colleagues have ties to a sales prospect, and help them identify experts who might be able to help close a deal. It also includes collaboration features, including a Sticky Notes feature and a Message Center, that allow users to share information or subscribe to RSS feeds that contain information on key objects or leads. For example, team members can subscribe to the Sticky Notes feature, which keeps everyone up-to-date when there is a change to an opportunity.

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