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Online self-service shouldn't detract from overall quality

Companies must be consistent with aligning their service offerings and strive for a high-quality customer experience regardless of channel.

Why should companies have to strike a balance between self-service and quality of service?

Companies must provide the same level of service and customer experience regardless of channel. Too often, companies don't align the quality of service across channels and that leads to poor outcomes and higher expenses.

For example, if a company tries to drive self-service through the organization's website but the website is designed poorly, the customer is forced to call in to the contact center. Furthermore, there is no information coming into the contact center as to why that customer experience on the website is so poor and why the call is being placed in the first place. So, the agent is already having a very poor phone call with the customer and is probably annoying the customer because the agent doesn't know what's happened previously -- you're increasing the length of the phone call, which incurs a higher cost on the contact center -- and the customer is not being satisfied.

Companies shouldn't look at self-service as a trade-off. What they should be looking to do is to create the best possible experience across all communication channels they service. If you take that theory and companies do it right by starting with the same, high-quality experience, hopefully they'll have happier customers overall.

The customer wants options of how to communicate, regardless of channel. With self-service, companies can still have a reduction of costs if customers utilize it because the fact is that some customers don't want to speak to an agent.

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