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New to BI, need to develop a data warehouse

A telecommunications company gets started with a data warehouse project.

We are a telecommunication company and want to develop our data warehouse. I'm involved in the BI part of this project. I'm living in Iran and this issue is really new here. Please let me know what I should do to make this project successful. Can you recommend some articles/experts for introductory information?

For success, I suggest a strong business case, showing the manner by which the investment in the data warehouse will pay off with the applications it will support. The question of whether the data warehouse (and related applications) are meant to replace existing applications in a less expensive manner or whether the data warehouse is meant to enable new ROI-generating capability (or both) is the first item to address. Telecommunication companies typically generate more data than any other major industry. If you are capturing CDR data, it could get into the terabytes quickly. Platform selection and architecture development are other early-stage items. These are just a few of the early items from the methodology I use. It's important to follow a methodology that is complete. The methodology should guide you through your development.

As far as other resources, I suggest DM Review and Intelligent Enterprise . two of the leading magazines in the field. I also enjoy Teradata Magazine, CRM Magazine, Oracle Magazine and DB2 Magazine, among others. Sid Adelman's book on Data Warehouse Project Management or Business Intelligence Roadmap from Moss and Atre are good to read and have on hand.

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