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Need a replacement for ACT!

I work for a small manufacturing/distribution company. We have about 25 users utilizing ACT! 2000, but we've outgrown ACT! and are currently seeking a replacement for it. The problem is that we have several remote users as well as numerous salespersons that travel regularly. These individuals need constant access to customer information. We are a small AS/400 shop and all of our workstations are on Windows 2000. We are also on a local-area-network. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations regarding a CRM that can replace ACT!, something not extremely expensive, but that allows remote users to input and retrieve data?
This is not an uncommon situation where we are seeing companies outgrow smaller systems they deploy while getting started. In regards to a replacement for ACT!, we have seen many companies stay within the Best Software family and move on to the Saleslogix product. They have a strong migration path and previous ACT customers make up a good portion of their user base. Frontrange is another vendor you can look at. We have seen people choose the Goldmine products when they have outgrown ACT! or other homegrown systems. If you aren't opposed to looking at a hosted solution than I would also add Salesforce.com to your short list. While there are probably ten others you could add, it is best to keep it simple and the three vendors mentioned above should meet your needs.

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