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Navision Attain

Have you ever heard of Navision Attain, and if so do you have an opinion on their CRM module?
Navision was acquired by Microsoft earlier this year and so will likely rely on MS CRM for its CRM functionality in the future. MS CRM will ship with adapters to both Navision and Great Plains ERP and should gradually subsume existing CRM functionality from all Microsoft's ERP products. Microsoft CRM is a solid entry into a crowded CRM market, with good basic sales functionality, strong order entry, pricing and entitlements, and a good Web (and Outlook) user interface. First release caveats for MS CRM (which ships at the end of 2002) include unproven mobile replication, lack of eCRM functionality (no self-service or e-commerce), and limited customization capabilities (which could affect employee adoption). It's also worth noting that both Great Plains and Navision have multiple product lines (of which Navision Attain is just one) -- back office integration may lag the main MS CRM release and may not be as deep for all product lines.

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