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Moving from Vantive to PeopleSoft CRM

We're just ending a long effort implementing our CRM on Vantive 8.2 with a high degree of customization and now we're faced to the fact that this platform will no longer be supported by PeopleSoft. Furthermore, as far as I know, the Vantive architecture and the PeopleSoft architecture are quite different. Now my question, how much cost and time would it take to move from Vantive to PeopleSoft 8.4 or higher? Are there any documented numbers of companies that have gone this "upgrading" path? I would need some parameters to estimate our budget for that kind of project.
Sorry to say, I haven't found any documented numbers of companies that have done the upgrade. The architectures are entirely different, though there is functionality that is similar, but they are different products and the upgrade path from Vantive 8.x to PeopleSoft 8.x is not easy. Why are you thinking of upgrading so soon, if you've just completed the implementation? I'm presuming its because of the discontinuation of support rather than any inherent changes in functionality that you've seen in PSFT 8.4 from Vantive 8.2. I will say this: PeopleSoft 8.4 has the Integration broker and it works very well, making integration with your third party and existing system relatively seamless. Nothing is entirely easy, but it is a bit easier than it was.

Have you spoken with PeopleSoft about your dilemma? I would, frankly, and see what they are willing to do for you as a customer in good standing. While they are out to make money like any other company, there is no reason to think they can't cut you a better deal than the norm, depending of course on your relationship to them now.

Good luck

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