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More information on increasing first call resolution

Many call centers are driven to increase first call resolution (FCR). Learn some tips from Lori Bocklund here.

I am working on a project for my company regarding one call resolution. I have had little success so far in locating material on how other companies handle this. Any search ideas?
First, here's some more information on first call resolution (FCR) from a previous Ask the Expert response:
Industry definition of first call resolution

This is a broad question, but I'll try to give you some input. If the goal of your project is to increase first call resolution, I would suggest you start with lots of call observations, interviews with CSRs, and an analysis of the contact types and volumes. Are you measuring first call resolution today? If so, review the success rate so far, and search for benchmarking data (Purdue or Prosci are potential resources). You will need to analyze why the rate is what it is, and identify opportunities for improvement. If it's not measured today, you will need to devise a way to measure it, and set a target success rate. Improvement could require process redesign, new application capabilities, training, or other changes.

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