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Modeling for the banking industry

Typical customer-related entities that are modeled include party, product and contract. I am customizing for the banking sector and want to use party and product but not sure what is best to model for the third entity. Should it be an account or should it be an agreement? The idea is that banks would be interested in associating what products have been purchased by their customers. Does a product purchased be represented by an agreement or the actual account that they have with the bank? Would appreciate some more thoughts on this.
Most banks use account as their third element. That normally reflects the structure of the legacy systems, which tend to be account focused, and the account number makes for an easy and unique identifier. Now in some cases, an agreement approach to financial services might make sense, in areas such as investment banking or some upscale banking offerings. But traditional mass, retail banking tends to use account as a foundation element, and Gartner does not see that changing any time soon.

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