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Mobile telephony loyalty

I am currently involved with loyalty applications at a Mobile Telephony Co. in Europe. Can you give me some idea on the emerging trends in the future of a loyalty system in the domain of mobile telephony? What would the next generation loyalty system look like?
Mobile telephony loyalty isn't built around a 'system' per se, but around customer-perceived and defined value in services, support processes, communication, etc. provided by the supplier. Many telecoms compete principally on price plans, presuming that these plans will lure, and hold, desired customers. With upwards of 30% annual customer turnover, however, it's clear that this strategy is very soft. What is required goes beyond information and knowledge. It's about creating real-time insight regarding customer needs and requirements, and an assessment of the company's perceived overall and detailed performance, which can then be appended onto customers' records, on as individualized a basis as possible, to help develop optimum relationship tools.

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