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Middleware to help call center agents learn all applications

Learn about middleware that can help call center managers solve the classic problem of too many applications.

As a call center manager, one significant problem I face that there are so many tools to learn -- it takes each agent months to learn them all. Is there some sort of middleware or portal application that will let me create a standard interface to access them all? Most are proprietary or modified commercial systems (i.e., Weblogic, Remedy, etc.). How have other call center managers attacked this problem?
Your problem is indeed a classic one. I call it a result of "hand me down" applications that call centers have inherited over the years. There are middleware tools that help to address this issue. Check out Jacada Ltd. – they are a call center vendor that focuses this problem. Keep in mind that any project like that will be far from trivial, and you will need to involve your IT staff as well.

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