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Microsoft-sponsored CRM training for power users

Looking for Microsoft CRM training information? Learn about training options including eLearning, training classes, and partner resources from Richard Smith, SearchCRM.com's Using Microsoft CRM expert, in this tip.

Is there any Microsoft-sponsored training or certification specifically for CRM? We'd like to choose a power user from our organization to become very skilled in Dynamics 3.0 -- who'd then be available to train others.

Microsoft is committed to making it simple for customers to become familiar with Dynamics CRM and has provided a variety of training options for customers, including:

Documentation. Microsoft provides excellent product overview, implementation, and even training guides for clients who want to develop a greater familiarity with the product. These can be downloaded from the Microsoft website, and are accessible to both customers and prospects. We recommend that our clients use these documents during their evaluation process to develop more familiarity with the Dynamics CRM platform.

eLearning. Microsoft offers online classroom-equivalent courses that clients can take over the internet. The courses cover specific subjects and allow the employee to pick specific areas of focus. Because the classes are offered online, employees can take the classes at their own convenience.

Foundation Library. The Foundation Library is available from the Microsoft website and provides access to self-directed tutorials. Customers have used the Foundation Library to develop familiarity with a new feature or module or to refresh skills with a specific component.

Instructor training. Microsoft has certified a number of training centers across the US to provide specific instructor lead training classes. Classes typically range from three to five days in length and are available for purchase from the training centers. Participants receive hands-on training with the Dynamics CRM product under the direction of a certified training instructor who can answer specific questions on the product.

Partner training. Finally, some Microsoft partners also offer on-site training tailored to the organizations business process and configuration of Dynamics CRM. Partners typically use a "train the trainer" methodology where the partner will train key business and IT stakeholders, who in turn will train others in the organization.

Microsoft does offer a variety of certifications for Dynamics CRM. Certification is achieved by passing Dynamics CRM product exams. These training options are excellent preparation for the CRM exams.

Additional information regarding the training and certification options available for Dynamics CRM customers can be found on the Microsoft Web site: http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/using/training.mspx.

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