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Microsoft CRM in the hospitality industry

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM is being used in vertical industries, with a specific look at the hospitality industry, in this expert tip by Richard Smith.

Are there any vertical-industry applications through Microsoft CRM? Does the Microsoft CRM package address the hospitality industry specifically?
Microsoft has relationships with numerous Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who have developed an exhaustive list of add-on functionality and vertical solutions for Microsoft CRM. Unfortunately, we were not able to find any specific ISV solutions or extensions for the hospitality industry, but we have seen several segments of the industry leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Industry-specific solutions are far better suited for managing room reservations, but these solutions typically lack the direct marketing and opportunity management functionality inherent in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Smaller hotels have leveraged Microsoft Dynamics CRM for managing their direct marketing to customers and their corporate accounts. The ability to quickly import lists of new guests or corporate contacts, quickly mail or email these prospects, and track responses provides a competitive advantage for these organizations. We have also seen more exclusive high-end resorts leverage Microsoft CRM for tracking their best customers, where they have stayed, and even their room preferences, helping ensure that future vacations are planned with the same resort organization or potentially at the same location.

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