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Microsoft CRM Mobile benefits and functionality

Is the Dynamics CRM Mobile client worth the investment? Learn benefits and functionality in this expert tip from Richard Smith, SearchCRM.com's Using Microsoft CRM expert.

Our manufacturing company has a small sales force of ten reps. Is it worth our investment to implement Microsoft CRM Mobile? Would sales reps be able to access data through a wireless connection?
Business professionals on the road love the Dynamics CRM Mobile client, because it gives them immediate access to information from their Windows Mobile PDA or SmartPhone. The real business benefit, even for a sales force of ten representatives, is the immediate access to important data while out of the office and without requiring a laptop. Reps can look up contacts and accounts, update opportunities, catch up on tasks and activities and can even directly call or email clients from their SmartPhone devices.

Mobile CRM data is stored on the Windows Mobile or SmartPhone device and can be synchronized with Dynamics CRM via VPN, LAN connection or wirelessly. The best feature we have seen is the amazing similarity between the CRM Mobile and Outlook clients, so your sales team can get up and running quickly without having to learn another client.

And just as you can customize Dynamics CRM to meet the unique requirements and processes of your manufacturing company, you can customize CRM Mobile to support the same customizations.

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