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Measuring individual employee performance in the call center

Expert Lori Bocklund gives tips for measuring individual employee performance in the call center in order to meet targeted service levels.

Should individual call center agents be scored based on the entire call center team's ability to meet a target service level? Is there a better way to measure call center agent performance individually?
It is difficult, if not impossible, to fairly score and measure individual call center agents based upon the call center team's performance. It is also not a good idea because there is a high risk of rewarding underperformers and demotivating the high performers. Further, if the call center is understaffed or improperly staffed for the target service level – both factors totally out of the call center agent's control – the service level won't be met. Call center metrics are most successful when they are applied to drive individual performance to help achieve a collective goal. An example would be that a call center agent cannot control service level, but he or she can control their own schedule adherence, which directly contributes to the group's ability to meet their service level.

Call quality and schedule adherence are both very good metrics for measuring individual employee performance.

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