Measuring chat session average handle time (AHT)

It is possible to measure average handle time (AHT) for online chat sessions, says Lori Bocklund. Lori explains how to go about measuring AHT online in this expert tip.

Is it possible to measure average handle time (AHT) in online chat? Our call center agents currently work on a...

maximum of three chat sessions simultaneously and we'd like to measure the AHT of each of these sessions.

You can measure the average handle time (AHT) of a chat session, but how you get the information will depend on the system you are using. Systems that provide the data usually provide a time length of each transaction as well as an average time length that would be comparable to AHT. Not all systems provide this information easily and some may require some degree of report customization. Check with your vendor to determine what will be required to get this information from your system.

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