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Measuring call center quality with metrics

What is the best way to measure call center quality? Lori Bocklund offers some advice on quality control in this expert tip.

What are some ways to enforce call center quality control or what are some of the parameters to consider while assessing call quality in a call center?

Call quality should be measured through routine call observations of call center agents by a trained and qualified quality assurance (QA) associate using a quality assurance form, like a scoring sheet with an appropriate view and weighting of key call characteristics. Depending on the nature of the calls, factors such as the call center agent's opening/closing/customer service skills, technical/knowledge, use of systems, process efficiency/adherence may be considered. A good call quality program has targets for the number of calls monitored per week or month, and a defined process and time allocated to provide feedback and define action plans.

There are a number of industry resources to provide you with sample quality scorecards and information on best practices in call center quality control. Two sites to visit are ICMI and Prosci's Call Center Learning Center. If you are considering quality monitoring tools from vendors such as Witness, Nice, Verint and others, you can also get starter scorecards, which you can customize to your environment.

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