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Looking for low-cost outsourcers that also do financial transactions

Who are the market leaders in low cost outsourced CRM (call center) who also handle credit card processing and perhaps even repeat (monthly) billing? Are there many companies that do both? Or would it be better to use two separate companies to do this?
I'm afraid your question has too much to it to provide the specific answer you're looking for - a leading low-cost outsourcer that does some very specific financial transactions. There are many outsourcers, none of whom are rated by anyone based on these criteria, as far as I know. Selecting an outsourcer for call center services is a very important decision that should be supported by careful due diligence to identify and evaluate vendors that have the right characteristics to match your needs - including things like size, culture, services, pricing, agility, customer relationships, reporting, and more. There are likely companies that would deliver all that you are seeking, but again the decision to go with one vs. separate companies depends on what you're looking for. I suggest some time first to further define your requirements, and then do some preliminary screening on a number of companies (e.g., 10) based on your top 5-10 criteria. Then, conduct a more detailed evaluation of the top 3-5 vendors using a thorough RFP process, including reference checks and site visits. There are some sites that act as brokers for outsourcers, so that is one potential avenue for you to try to connect with potential providers. However, many of the top outsourcers won't appear on those lists, as they have their own strong direct sales forces. Take your time with this important decision!

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