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Location for call center

Can you suggest where I may find a list of potential call center operators or those companies wishing to set up a call center? I am considering attending a call center conference being held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on March 26 - 28 would this be an appropriate venue in which to promote a call center site? Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Your best bet may be to work with a call center outsourcing firm. There are several you could talk to, contact me directly if you would like specific company names (bdowney@cintechsolutions.com).

Unfortunately, your biggest obstacle may be the fact that large, centralized call centers are becoming an increasingly rare breed. The vast majority of contact centers in North America (> 87%) have 100 or fewer agents. In fact, industry trends indicate that large call centers will become increasingly scarce now that IP technology has made distributed virtual e-contact centers a very cost-effective option. A recent Ovum study predicts that while the number of contact centers is expected to grow dramatically over the next five years, the average number of agents per contact center is expected to drop from 100 to 50.

If your location offers low-cost, high-bandwidth connectivity or tax abatement, these would be natural attractions to a large call center. Another consideration is that many municipalities (especially in the States) are now mandating that a certain percentage of employees must tele-commute to reduce traffic. Assuming Regina does not have a similar requirement, this may be another selling point.

I?m familiar with the Call Centre Canada show coming up in Toronto and it is one of the better trade shows. It would likely be a good place to market Regina. Another show that might be worth looking at is ICCM in Chicago in late July.

Good luck!

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