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Learning tools for the SAP CRM beginner

Srini Katta provides advice for those getting started with SAP CRM in this expert tip.

I am just getting started learning about SAP CRM. Can you recommend any learning tools or resources for beginners?

I'm guessing you already signed up for a free membership on SearchCRM.com and SearchSAP.com -- which is a good start.

Help.SAP.com is a very good source for SAP CRM resources provided by SAP. Also, register on www.SAP.com/communities to keep up with the latest developments in SAP CRM and read product issues and solutions posted by the SAP community. This site also allows you to network with SAP CRM professionals. Lastly, the SAP Developer's Network is an excellent resource for technical advice and solutions posted by experienced SAP professionals who belong to the SDN community.

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