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Is first call resolution key to a good customer experience?

What are the most important benefits of first call resolution, and how it can drive a valuable customer experience? Read Lior Arussy's advice here.

Do you think that first call resolution (FCR) is key to creating a good customer experience? From a customer's point of view, what are the benefits associated with first call resolution? In your opinion, what would be the key indicators that a client's problem has been resolved within the first call?
First call resolution (FCR) is an important element of delightful customer experience. However, it depends on how you define FCR. I have seen variety of definitions based on internal issues and challenges. In its simplest, and in my opinion, the most accurate, definition, first call resolution is determined by the ability to solve customer problems and avoid repeat calling for the same issue.

The benefits of delivering FCR, assuming it is done right, include:

1. Demonstration that the company is there for customers where they need help.
2. Respect of customer time, which will then translate into greater loyalty.
3. Demonstration of employees' competence, and therefore the company's competence.
4. Savings on repeat calls.
5. Savings on potential customer's defections or bad mouthing due to frustration and incompetent service.

To achieve such a performance level, require certain access to information, tools and authority to get the problem resolved without a need for escalation.

The indicator for success is rather simple -- it's whether the customer says so.

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