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Is Siebel SFA a good choice in today's market?

Is Siebel still the best option for sales force automation (SFA)? Read Bill Band's answer here.

I've heard good things about Siebel for sales force automation (SFA) software. We are currently exploring CRM options that are strong in SFA. Do you think Siebel is a good choice at this point? My main concern is that Oracle combining all apps under Oracle Fusion could weaken Siebel's SFA strength.
Siebel has long been recognized for a very strong set of capabilities in SFA. This was the functional area where Siebel first entered the market, and it is where they have continued to enhance functionality over the years. SFA is a mature product category, where new enhancements tend to be fairly minor in their consequence. But because of Siebel's historical strength in overall CRM, Oracle has committed to support legacy and new Siebel versions well into the future. And, Siebel will be the core basis for CRM capabilities under the Oracle Fusion development strategy. So, there is little risk that you will get reduced SFA capabilities from Siebel in the future.

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