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Is SAP CRM needed for 30-person dept.?

I am currently looking to implement a system application to address requirements in customer service. Activities conducted are responses to customer inquiries, dispute and feedback management and ability to send documents requested immediately. Less than 30 people are on staff to perform these duties. Is SAP CRM CIC a good fit or overkill? What are key disadvantages of implementing SAP CRM in this context?
My first reaction is that, for a system that will only serve 30 people, you might be over buying by implementing SAP. But, on the other hand, you haven't mentioned anything about your growth assumptions, workflow and process automation needs, business and systems environment, integration and customization expectations, and other factors that might make this an appropriate fit. If I were you, I would review your core functional requirements, business and systems assumptions, and your firm's 3-5 year goals and budget, and then determine if you will receive value for the potential SAP investment. Finally, ask SAP to provide you with five similar customers who have implemented their system -- then talk to them.

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