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Is CRM implementation in 90 days possible?

There is a lot of hype about rapid deployment CRM projects lately. Is it really feasible to get CRM up and running (efficiently) in 90 days??
It's possible, but unlikely, that most large organizations will implement CRM within 90 days. From my experience this has nothing to do with the CRM package, but rather with an organization's lack of planning, poor project management, and inability to effectively execute an implementation plan. Strong leadership, decision making, and business support are crucial to implementing CRM within 90 days.

With that said, please understand that it IS possible to implement CRM within 90 days, provided the following:
1) System & Functional Requirements have been documented and accepted by the business,
2) Scope is managed extremely carefully to a very limited and simple Phase I deliverable -- keep it simple!,
3) Users adhere to training schedules, and
4) Phase I System conversion and legacy integration tasks are minimized.

In a nutshell -- keep the project small, simple, and sensible.

Good Luck.

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