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Introducing the importance of a good customer experience during call center training

Learn what to add to a call center training program in order to deliver a good customer experience in this tip.

How do you recommend drawing attention to the customer experience during a training program for new call center agents? I am trying to start new agents off on the right foot.
This is an excellent question. Most call center training programs focus on skills and procedures combined with basic customer service skills. To deliver a good customer experience, I would add the following components to a training program:

1. The principles of customer experience
2. The concept of delivering memories and not just transactions
3. Ask yourself, who are the customers and how do they consume your products and services?
4. Ask yourself, what emotions and aspirations are associated with your products?
5. Ask yourself, what are the costs and margins associated with the products and services?
6. The basics of customer segmentations
7. The concept of differentiating between different customers based on different lifestyles
8. Learning how to deliver beyond customer expectations

This is a big wish list. The more you can include, the better. Please note that unlike traditional call center training, customer experience training tends to be more customized as it has to reflect your brand and unique relationships with customers.

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