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Integration of Microsoft Dynamics 3.0 with Lotus Notes

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 3.0 integrates with Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes in this expert tip from Richard Smith, Using Microsoft CRM expert.

Is it possible to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 3.0 with Lotus Notes? Do you have any advice on integrating the two? Will we be able to use the calendar/appointments functionality of Lotus Notes in Microsoft CRM?
By design, Dynamics CRM is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook in three ways. First, Microsoft Outlook can serve as the online and offline interface to Dynamics CRM, allowing users in the office and on the road to access data directly from inside Outlook. Secondly, Dynamics CRM synchronizes contact, appointment and task information with Microsoft Outlook, enabling users to access this information both from Outlook and from PDA devices like Blackberry and Treo that synchronize with Outlook. Thirdly, Dynamics CRM provides email integration which allows emails to be sent from and tracked inside CRM.

Dynamics CRM does not provide direct integration with Lotus Notes. While the offline client offered in Outlook is not available, Notes users can access the fully functional Dynamics CRM Web client both inside the office and either through a secured external connection or VPN. We have partnered with Nokia, using their Intellisync product line, to enable Lotus Notes to synchronize contacts, tasks and appointments with Dynamics CRM and other CRM solutions.

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