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Integrating SAP CRM 3.0 and SAP ECC 6.0

Find out if it's possible to run SAP CRM 3.0 and SAP ECC 6.0 simultaneously in this expert tip. Learn about SAP R/3 plug-ins available in SAP ECC 6.0.

We are currently running SAP CRM 3.0 and SAP R/3 4.6C. Our team is planning a phased upgrade strategy where we'd first upgrade to SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 6.0 and then later next year upgrade to SAP CRM 5.0. Is it possible to run both SAP CRM 3.0 and ECC 6.0?
SAP ECC 6.0 comes with built-in SAP R/3 plug-ins. This means that it is not necessary to upgrade the R/3 plug-in. Also, the SAP R/3 plug-in will no longer be displayed in system table CVERS.

Editor's note: Find out about integration between SAP CRM and SAP ERP in this expert tip.

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