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Integrating CRM packages

We are implementing Siebel horizontal as our CRM solution, but we are concerned about the limits of a CRM solution vs. the legacy applications? We would like to have the CRM solution only on the front end, but does that mean that we have to take all the functionality of the legacies there? What is the best way to do that to optimize the cost benefit relation?

Hi, Carla. Integration with CRM packages is becoming easier with the new generations of CRM - though it is never easy. While I'm not exactly sure what you mean when you say, "[do] we have to take all the functionality of the legacies there." I can tell you that Siebel can be integrated with its Unified Applications Network (UAN)which is an integration framework or, depending on what you have as legacy systems, the old fashioned way through pieces of code called connectors or through middleware products produced by IBM, BEA and dozens of other reliable companies. UAN is a bit mysterious since it has been highly touted by Siebel and is in its third generation, yet I have yet to run across anyone who actually has either used it or seen it. However, rumor has it, it works.

I hope this works for you. If not feel free to contact me at paul-greenberg3@comcast.net. I'd be happy to elaborate.

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